X10 Wireless Technology - Wireless security cameras

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bought two units, first one couldn't work on my home wi-fi, tried the second one and got it to work on my home wifi but when I tried logging on from a remote location it wouldn't work, that defeated the purpose of buying the product. The instructions are very poorly done and the unit didn't work as advertised, ie: the motion sensor was supposed to turn the camera on and rotate to the spot (I thought that's how it was to work). There are other problems but I'll keep it short just don't buy this ***.

Returned them had to pay shipping and 15% restocking fee.

X10 Wireless Technology - X10 slow or rip off

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Not resolved

I had retured some item to x10.x10 has had them for a week annd has not given my refund I have talled to Tom W Ext. 2623 by email and he said :


According to the notes on that order, my referal was sent to the Order Processing Department today so it should process by the end of business today. I will try to check later and see if anything was done. If it has not been done by then I will email a manager to look into it. After today, I will not be back into the office until Monday so I will not be able to check tomorrow.

I call today friday the frist person I talked to said it was isued yesterday moring and I ask to speek to a superviser and was told that no superviser was avable and I caled back for 2 hrs asking to talk to a superviser and got no superviser is aviable or put on hold for 5 min then hung up on and even got one womman that would just sit there and say no you can talk to a superviser I dont think its right that thay hold my money thay got there stuff back in the same way I got it and thy say 30day money back so why are thy giveing me a hard time

Review about: Iconremote And Rca To Usb.



I'm having the same problem however I made the order and they canceled it.


Im having the same problem however I made the order and canceled it the same day because they wanted more money for a item irk its been a month I think I been scammed

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